Sam the dog

Do ducks waterski?

My friend Boris and I thought we would find out, so we decided to go along to Low Wood Watersports Centre and ask the ski instructors if they could answer our question.

Before we had time to think about running down to the beach for a quick splash, Boris and I found ourselves agreeing to having a go at waterskiing. Finding a boar-sized wetsuit for Boris took some doing but a few grunts later he was ready. I decided that even though I'm always wearing a fur coat I still needed one. We gingerly made our way to the jetty where the ski boat was waiting for us, complete not only with a super smiley instructor but an extremely bouncy springer called Lily too.

After clambering into the boat, we listened intently to our instructor. "So who is going first?", we heard him say. Boris and I both looked at Lily but she was busy looking for any swans that might be keen to have a go as well. I decided that because Boris looked like his hooves were glued to the floor of the boat I would go first.

Lowering myself into the water, which didn't feel too chilly, I got myself into position, remembering to keep my knees bent, arms straight and to maybe not bark too loudly with excitement.Ok so my fur got a little soggy, but coming up out of the water and skimming across the lake was awesome.

Once back in the boat and after a good shake it was Boris' turn. He decided to give wake boarding a try. Once his wild boar hooves were in the binding, he had a go on the training bar, after a few dunkings he emerged out of the frothy bubbly water and gave the loudest grunt. It sounded as though it had bounced off the fells and echoed around the lake!

All too soon it was time to head back to The Watersports Centre. When we had raced round the lawns to dry ourselves off, we found an ideal spot to gobble down our picnic as we knew that once Lily caught the scent she would bound over and look longingly at our delicious picnic. As we were munching, a procession of orange kayaks paddled past, sailing boats suddenly came to life as their sails caught the wind, little motorised boats kept setting off from the jetty - we were sure they were on an adventure to explore the lake.

As for our question,”Can ducks waterski”? Well, Boris and I have decided that why would ducks need water skis? With their webbed feet they will most probably be amazing skiers anyway, somersaulting and twirling around. As for Boris the boar and me, well it's knee boarding for us next!

Sam the dog and Boris the Boar

Sam's top paw points.

  • Don't forget to allow enough time to get changed into your wet suit and also to decide what flavour ice cream to have afterwards.
  • Remember the wetsuit zip goes at the back.
  • Bring a towel unless you want to race round the lawns fifty times afterwards to dry off.
  • Look out for Peter the giant pike. He is always lazing around outside the Watersports Centre.
  • Because its great fun and so gets really busy, check in advance when there are free spaces to have a go at the various activities.
  • Of course if you happen to see me, I will need a huge 'Sam' hug.

Bye for now.


Sam's Pawprint